Philippe Brulot

Principal - Principal

About Me

Dear parents and members of our community,

I was born in France and came to Canada (Quebec) when I was 12 years old.  I also spent many years in the USA, and in Nicaragua.

I worked as a classroom teacher, often in classes with two or three grade levels. I was also principal in small rural schools, and in larger K to grade 12 with hundreds of students in big cities.  I eventually ended up at the central office where I assumed different positions. Here I am, back in school as a principal and I just love it.

I contend that education is in the heart.  As such, it does not matter what position we hold, we are ultimately in schools to serve the children.

I strongly believe that we are lucky to work in a field where one can truly make a difference. Education is a call, and if one responds to that call, it becomes a moral responsibility.   I also believe that we can only move forward when we all pull and push in the same direction. It is our capacity to come together that will truly make a difference in the lives of the children. Let us remember that we do not have a future, and we do not have a community without the children.